Non-surgical Procedures

By Dr. Patricia Berbari

Aesthetic plastic surgery can achieve impressive results. If you are looking for a more subtle improvement, want to enhance your surgical results, or want to minimize your recovery time, consider our many safe and effective non-surgical procedures.

EvolveX Treatments in Gatineau, QC

EvolveX Treatments in Gatineau, QC Sagging skin, cellulite, and a lack of muscle definition are all issues people face. Even with strict dieting and exercise, these issues are sometimes impossible to resolve. Genetic disposition, rapid weight fluctuations, menopause and the natural aging process affect the body, often resulting in frustration and disappointment. EvolveX is a…
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Vasculaze Treatments in Gatineau, QC

Vasculaze Treatments in Gatineau, QC Vascular lesions, such as spider veins, are common for both men and women, and factors like age, genetics, weight gain, pregnancy and a sedentary lifestyle increase the likelihood of unwanted blemishes on various parts of the body. While benign,angiomas, telangiectasias and leg veins can cause patients to feel self-conscious. Because…
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Mesotherapy in Gatineau, QC skin texture • wrinkles/fine lines • hydration • complexion • acne • hair Mesotherapy Treatments Introducing L’Esthétic Meso, an exclusive line of innovative, targeted products for the body, skin and hair. Created in France, L’Esthétic Meso utilizes ingredients developed just for patients like you who want a targeted approach to skin…
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About Us

Meet Our MedicSPA Gatineau Staff MedicSPA Gatineau is proud to have a skilled team of medical aestheticians and nurses guided by our very own Dr. Patricia Berbari. Whether this is your first visit to MedicSPA Gatineau or you have been visiting us for years, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in our team,…
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Morpheus8™ Bodyin Gatineau, QC cellulite • scar • sagging skin • stretch marks Morpheus8™Body Morpheus8™ technology has made a name for itself with its ability to treat many facial concerns, including loose skin, textural issues, tonal concerns and excess subdermal fat (double chin). However, this state-of-the-art technology also offers full-body enhancement. MedicSPA Gatineau, serving the…
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Safety Information

  • Once in the clinic parking lot, please report your arrival by phone (819-243-7667).
  • A member of our team will greet you in the lobby for an evaluation (questionnaire, taking your temperature, handing over your mask, hydro-alcoholic gel).
  • Only patients will have access to the clinic; those accompanying you will have to stay in the parking lot.

N.B.: The rooms are disinfected between each patient.

Dr. Berbari in scrubs performing procedure

Dr. Berbari, Years of experience

Patricia Berbari, M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.S.(C), has been addressing her patient’s cosmetic surgery needs since 2001. Through her dedication, experience, and personalized care, Dr. Berbari is committed to giving you the best aesthetic results in her ultra-modern facilities equipped with the latest technology.

She is a caring plastic surgeon offering you a broad range of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical skin rejuvenation options.